Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Pieces.

# 15. Final Projects 

A. Type Specimen Poster - 18' x 24' 
I really enjoyed starting the year off with this project. I am still developing a series of other famous songs ft. female names, such as 'Dirty Diana' or 'Roxanne' that I want to screen print & possibly enter into the TDC competition.

B. Infographic - 13' x 19' 
When first assigned this project, I wanted to do an infographic about marijuana vs. alcohol -- but being that I had no prior experience of designing an infographic, I decided to make it more personal.

C. Package Design - Work in Progress
This was my favorite assignment -- being that I was able to completely rebrand Carol's Daughter. During the break I am going to completely work on the packaging & actual labels -- as well as finish the logo. Nonetheless, I am very proud w. the color palettes for both the hair products & bath products.

D. CD Covers - Work in Progress
This was my final assignment, to redo some album covers I disliked. Had a hectic week, but still finishing the complete packaging on this. I want to enter both pieces into the TBC -- so it will be finished within a week or so.

I enjoyed the class -- sad it won't be continuing next semester. :( Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & a great New Years!

Monday, December 13, 2010

14. CD Cover Remake Pt. 2

First, I'm in love with the typeface: OPTI Giant.

I personally think the ultra condensed typeface makes everything look better. But, that's just my opinion.
Diddy's Dirty Money's 'Last Train To Paris' was the second CD cover I decided to remake. The reason I chose to remake this album was because the colors chosen were too closely associated with a one of Kanye West's recent single album covers 'Runaway'. So, I decided to change it up a little bit & try to make the album cover more related to the album -- which follows Diddy's alter ego as he travels from London to Paris to regain love.

The album it reminded me of:

So, I decided to remake my own:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

13. CD Cover Remake

Lately, I've been really upset with recent album covers of artist that I listen to from time to time. Out of pure boredom I decided to start remaking album covers that I dislike. I'm considering turning this into my final project as I continue working on not only the album covers -- but the whole album booklet.

My first remake cover is Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday'. The first image is the current cover out in stores, followed by my remake. This is just the album cover -- I am working on the booklet.

Monday, November 29, 2010

12. Revised Package Design

#12: Revised Package Design - Hair Products

Worked on the color scheme of the hair products to make it more lively. Still developing the logo. Looking to print packaging within another week or two.

Monday, November 15, 2010

10.Infographic #3

#10: Revised Infographic - Twitter

Here's my revised infographic. At our last critique I was just told to fix up the kerning, so I did.

09. Package Design #2

#9: Revised Package Design - Carol's Daughter 

This is my revised version of the labels I want to create for Carol's Daughter.
So, once again for the hair products -- I divided that up into 5 categories (which coincide w. the Carol's Daughter products) & each category will represent a color. As for the bath products, I divided that up into 5 categories as well & each bath collection will represent a color.

Nonetheless, I want to narrow it down to the layout I want to use for the labeling so I can start getting precise measurements & what not. I have different size jar labels, as well as bottle labels & boxes. Once I pick a layout to go with I will actually put the packaging together.

Monday, November 8, 2010

08. Package Design #1

For our packaging design assignment I decided to choose 'Carol's Daughter' -- which is an African American owned business that sells organic beauty products -- from hair to bath products.

I've always been a fan of Carol's Daughter, but was never fond w. the packaging design. When I think of Carol's Daughter -- I think chic, sexy, modern (which is exactly how the products make you feel), but when you see the actual packaging it doesn't relay that message across at all. In fact, it's very boring.

So, I decided to take it upon myself & rebrand Carol's Daughter. At the completion of the project I will have redesigned their logo, bags, business card/gift card & most importantly -- their product labels.

This is just a rough draft from my sketches for one of the hair products on mock-up 2 oz. jar labels -- for the most part, the dimensions may be off right now. I decided to differentiate the hair & bath products by using two different color palettes. And within the hair products, each different color is going to be represented by a 'HAIR TYPE' -- which Carol's Daughter's products already has products for each of the hair types.

There are current 5 HAIR TYPES: All, Normal to Dry, Dry to Damaged, Chemically Treated & Natural.

07. Revised Infographic

So -- I was unfortunate to somehow get food poisoning last weekend, causing me to miss class. So I will be uploading everything that was due. But first thing first, this is the revised infographic I started based on my Twitter usage. My critique from the last class was to develop it further, figuring out different ways to use negative space, as well as other alternatives to using bar graphs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

06. iPhone App.

This was the iPhone app I designed last year in my Basic Advertising class for a medical company that makes in house calls. 

05. Infographic.

#5: Twitter Infographic

I had trouble with this assignment at first -- I wanted to do an infographic comparing Alcohol vs. Tobacco vs. Marijuana -- but, being that I never did an infographic I decided to take it slow & start with something I know. Oh, source came fom

Monday, October 4, 2010

04. Type Specimen Fonts

#4: Typefaces Used For Type Specimen Poster 

Here are the types & brief information about fonts used in my type specimen poster. (Click to enlarge image if necessary).

03. Type Specimen #3

Assignment #3: Final Revision of Type Specimen Poster

This week I worked on the final revision of my poster. I decided to keep my color scheme, since it still gives me this retro '70s feel with a somewhat modern twist. In deciding to keep the color scheme, I decided to play around with filters & opacity to give the poster somewhat of a screen print quality. I really like the outcome of this poster -- looking back at my first draft, I have come a long way & still have improvements that can & will be made. But, thus far -- I'm proud of my work.

Monday, September 27, 2010

02. Type Specimen #2b

Type Assignment #2: Revised Type Specimen Poster

I haven't started working on the poster series yet, because I want to make sure my first poster is perfect -- or at least close enough, before moving on to the next. I want to make sure I'm using the 'right' types & what not so I can be consistent with the whole series. This week, where we supposed to revise our assignments & add color & pictures. For the time being, I've decided not to go with pictures just because I want to actually get my typography in order.

As far as color scheme, I searched one of my favorite color scheme sites: & found this great scheme that I felt matched the retro 'vibes' I was going for:

& here is my second revision of the type specimen poster :

Monday, September 20, 2010

01. Type Specimen #1

Assignment #1: Type Specimen. 

Presented the option of making either a type specimen book or poster -- I have decided to go with the latter, as I have started working on a series of musical posters. I plan to do at least five of them, but first I want to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

Still am stuck on a few fonts I wish to use & unsure if we can repeat fonts -- but nonetheless, here is the list of fonts I've used thus far.

3 Serif TEXT fonts: Adobe Caslon Pro, Adobe Garamond
3 San Serif TEXT fonts: Linotype Universe, Geo Sans Light, Helvetica Neue
3 Serif DISPLAY fonts: Lubalin Graph XL ITC, Birch Std, Adobe Caslon Pro
3 San Serif DISPLAY fonts: Gotham, Futura, Granvur Condensed Bold
3 DECORATIVE fonts: Will & Grace, Trashhand
Text of my choice: Standard_75

I will upload a .PDF once I have my fonts finalized.