Monday, October 25, 2010

06. iPhone App.

This was the iPhone app I designed last year in my Basic Advertising class for a medical company that makes in house calls. 

05. Infographic.

#5: Twitter Infographic

I had trouble with this assignment at first -- I wanted to do an infographic comparing Alcohol vs. Tobacco vs. Marijuana -- but, being that I never did an infographic I decided to take it slow & start with something I know. Oh, source came fom

Monday, October 4, 2010

04. Type Specimen Fonts

#4: Typefaces Used For Type Specimen Poster 

Here are the types & brief information about fonts used in my type specimen poster. (Click to enlarge image if necessary).

03. Type Specimen #3

Assignment #3: Final Revision of Type Specimen Poster

This week I worked on the final revision of my poster. I decided to keep my color scheme, since it still gives me this retro '70s feel with a somewhat modern twist. In deciding to keep the color scheme, I decided to play around with filters & opacity to give the poster somewhat of a screen print quality. I really like the outcome of this poster -- looking back at my first draft, I have come a long way & still have improvements that can & will be made. But, thus far -- I'm proud of my work.