Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Pieces.

# 15. Final Projects 

A. Type Specimen Poster - 18' x 24' 
I really enjoyed starting the year off with this project. I am still developing a series of other famous songs ft. female names, such as 'Dirty Diana' or 'Roxanne' that I want to screen print & possibly enter into the TDC competition.

B. Infographic - 13' x 19' 
When first assigned this project, I wanted to do an infographic about marijuana vs. alcohol -- but being that I had no prior experience of designing an infographic, I decided to make it more personal.

C. Package Design - Work in Progress
This was my favorite assignment -- being that I was able to completely rebrand Carol's Daughter. During the break I am going to completely work on the packaging & actual labels -- as well as finish the logo. Nonetheless, I am very proud w. the color palettes for both the hair products & bath products.

D. CD Covers - Work in Progress
This was my final assignment, to redo some album covers I disliked. Had a hectic week, but still finishing the complete packaging on this. I want to enter both pieces into the TBC -- so it will be finished within a week or so.

I enjoyed the class -- sad it won't be continuing next semester. :( Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & a great New Years!

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